BioWhiten ProOffice ULTIMATE – нано-хидроксиапатит и алкален водороден прекис.




BioWhiten ProOffice ULTIMATE is produced in accordance with The European Union and Turkey teeth whitening regulations. It differentiates itself from other whitening products with its special Nano-Hydroxyapatite and Alkaline Hydrogen Peroxide mixture.

In clinical studies BioWhiten n-HAp proved that the teeth were repaired  and sensitivity problem either did not  occur at all or displayed minimal discomfort, unlike other systems.

The risk of tooth sensitivity with  BioWhiten ProOffice ULTIMATE is less than 5%. For other products, this rate is over 50%.

BioWhiten ProOffice ULTIMATE;

  • Is the only whitening protocol that patient specific whitening plan can be done and 

  • It is possible to whiten the sensitive teeth.

  • Besides, when applied to sensitive teeth, a decrease in sensitivity is observed.

  • Provides minimal undesired demineralization effect on teeth and

  • On the contrary, it remineralizes  the teeth with  n-HAp supplementation, strengthens the enamel and fills the micro-cracks and  the dentin tubules.

  • With In- Office and Home type combined whitening planning, whitening efficiency and durability. 

With BioWhiten ProOffice ULTIMATE, Up to 4 patient can be treated, (5 x 10 minutes each sessions/patients including both upper and lower jaw. Procedure kit consist of 2 x 2.2 ml barrier material and mixing kit with sufficient amount of gauze.



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