GLIKOSORB (PGA) хирургичен конец резорбируем


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 Абсорбируем хирургически конец (PGA)

Глюкосорбните конци са синтетични, сплетени, резорбируеми, стерилни хирургически нишки, направени от полигликолова киселина. Има специален материал за покритие в сплетени конци. Сместа от калциев стеарат и поликапролактон се използва при покритието на конци.

Глюкосорбните конци са лилави, за да се улесни хирургичните операции. При процеса на оцветяване са използвани естествени оцветители. Гликосорбните конци се произвеждат в диапазона USP 8/0 – USP 6, с дължина от 10 до 150 сантиметра, с или без игла от неръждаема стомана.

Absorbable Surgical Suture (PGA)

Glikosorb sutures are synthetic, braided, absorbable, sterile surgical sutures made from polyglycolic acid. Braided sutures have special coating material. Coating of the sutures were made with Calcium Stearate and Polycaprolactone mixture.

Glikosorb sutures have violet colour to make surgical operations easier. Natural colouring agents were used in colouring process. Glikosorb sutures are manufactured with or without stainless steel needle, between USP 8/0 – USP 6 range, and with various lengths between 10cm to 150cm.

Suture Type: Polyglycolic Acid (PGA)

Production Material: Made of polyglycolic acid, synthetic, multifilament

Tissue Support Time: ~ 30 days

Application: It is used for subcutaneous sutures, mucous membranes, vascular attachment.

Structural Features:

Absorbable, multifilament, coated, purple (violet)

Polyglycolicacid (PGA), synthetic, absorbable, multifilament surgical suture

Calcium Stearate, Glycolide Lactide

EO (Ethylene Oxide)

In aluminum foil packages with needle or without needle

~ 30 days

~ 60-90 days

2nd week ~ %70 | 3rd week ~ %40-%50 wound support

8/0 – 3


Допълнителна информация

Needle type:

GS1990,16mm 5/0, Violet ½ TAPER Point, GS1992,16mm 5/0, Undyed ½ TAPER Point, GS2503,16mm 4/0, Undyed ½ TAPER Point, GS2504,16mm 4/0, Violet ½ TAPER Point, GS3005,16mm 3/0, Violet ½ TAPER Point, GS1674,16mm 6/0, Violet 3/8 ReverseCutting, GS2014,16mm 5/0, Violet 3/8 ReverseCutting, GS2540,16mm 4/0, Violet 3/8 ReverseCutting, GS3025,16mm 3/0, Violet 3/8 ReverseCutting, GS2140,16mm 5/0, Violet 3/8 InsideCutting, GS2144,16mm 5/0, Violet 3/8 InsideCutting, GS2557,16mm 4/0, Undyed 3/8 InsideCutting, GS3039,16mm 5/0, Violet 3/8 InsideCutting, GS2584,17mm 4/0, Violet ½ TAPER point, GS5525,18mm 5/0, Violet ½ TAPER point, GS2613,18mm 4/0, Violet ½ TAPER point, GS3085,18mm 3/0, Violet 3/8 TAPER point, GS1706,19mm 6/0, Violet 3/8 ReverseCutting, GS2640,19mm 4/0, Violet 3/8 ReverseCutting, GS2211,19mm 5/0, Violet 3/8 ReverseCutting, GS2229,20mm 5/0, Violet ½ TAPER point, GS2685,20mm 4/0, Violet ½ TAPER point, GS3142,20mm 3/0, Violet ½ TAPER point, GS2250,20mm 5/0, Undyed 3/8 ReverseCutting, GS2719,20mm 4/0, Violet 3/8 ReverseCutting, GS3168,20mm 3/0, Violet 3/8 ReverseCutting


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