Extra Creamy Opaquer Liquid KERA


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It is a specially produced opaquer liquid for dental porcelain opaquer.
It provides a comfortable and enjoyable application opportunity by
converting your opaquer powder into cream opaquer.

Packaging –  50g and 250g
Starting Temperature – 480 C°
Pre-drying Time – 6min
Vacuum Start – 480 C°
Vacuum End – Equivalent To Maximum Temperature


1. It can be used with any brand of porcelain opaquer.
2. It does not become fluent while working, it provides easy application in creamy
3. It provides the opportunity to apply in equal thickness with a homogeneous mixture.
4. After baking, natural opaquer colors are obtained without any deviation in colors.
5. If the recommendations given are followed, a nice looking velvety surface occurs
after baking.
6. A highly sintered, non-porous and durable opaquer layer is obtained.
7. The viscosity of your powder mixture for a very long time does not change and there
is no change in consistency.
8. Phase difference (powder / liquid separation) does not occur in mixtures prepared in
large quantities, it protects its homogeneity.
9. When the recommended program is applied, it is suitable for all seasonal conditions.


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ML :

50, 250


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