With Multi-Frequency length measuring technology and the function of root-canal length measuring and enlargement
Colorful OLED screen
The Contra-angle can rotate freely
Built in different File systems
Four working modes
Seven functions including Apex Locator, Reciprocating rotary motion, Automatic deceleration in apical zone,
Automatic inversion in apical zone, Automatic inversion of torque, both root-canal length measuring and enlargement.
It has an ergonomic case that is easy to use and weighs 112 g.
Fanta Kanal files and usage values of different brand files are loaded in memory.
4 different working modes; There are clockwise rotation, anti-clockwise rotation, adjustable reciprocating rotation, automatic torque controlled rotation options.
Reciprocal rotation settings can be made in 30º, 60º, 90º and 150º, 180º, 240º degrees.
The main accessories (Angled cap, File clip, Lip Hook, Touch Probe and Rubber Sleeve) can be sterilized at high temperature and pressure to prevent cross-infection.
It is mounted on the apex locator. Optionally, it can only be used as an apex locator or by turning off the apex locator completely.
It has 9 personalized program recording feature.
Minimum and maximum torque values: 0.6 ~ 3.9N · cm.
Minimum and maximum speed values: 150 ~ 800 rpm.
It has a full charge time within 4 hours and an automatic shutdown feature when not in use for 5 minutes.


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