Glaze Liquid KERA


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Glazing liquid of porcelain powders with or without metal support.

Field of Use

GLAZE (glazing) of porcelain powders with or without metal support is liquid. Excellent transfer in glazing porcelain crowns It helps your glazed powder shine better by providing the opportunity.

50ml and 150 ml plastic packages


1. Can be used for any brand of porcelain glazing.
2. It does not become fluent while working, does not fill teeth and tuber gap.
3. It remains in the applied thickness on the applied surface and does not move. It
provides fast working opportunity for intensive work conditions.
4. Saturated bright result is obtained after baking.
5. It providess that your powder + liquid mixture made in a cup remains ready to use
without collapsing.
6. When mixed in appropriate rates, it provides sufficient powder transfer.
7. It provides that your powder + liquid mixture does not dry out by remaining in the
same consistency for a long time under intensive working conditions.
8. It is suitable for all seasons as a working condition.


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ML :

50, 150


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