LED-E woodpecker



An ergonomically designed, lightweight cordless curing light with 4 different time settings and 3 different modes (Full, ramping and pulse).

It also features an automatic sleep mode along with it’s lithium battery has the ability to run for a duration of 400 minutes of use per charge.

Along with it being rechargeable, the unit features a replaceable battery which allows this light to remain in the practice for many years


– Automatic sleep mode

– Cordless handpiece

– Low standby power consumption with 40 day’s standby time

– Lightweight

– 3 mode settings: Full, Ramping, Pulse

– Replaceable and rechargeable battery. A full charge can be used for more than 400 times continuously under 10s working time mode.

– Full charging time 4-6 hours


• Light Source: Blue light wave 420nm – 480nm
• Light Output: 850mW/cm² – 1000mW/cm²
• Dimensions: W40mm x D50mm x H260mm
• Handpiece Weight 147g


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